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fox and goat story.

fox and goat story.

Once a fox was roaming in the forest at night when suddenly she fell into a well. Now he could not understand what to do if he did. So he thought of waiting till morning. Early in the morning a goat passed by the well and saw the fox and said what are you doing in the well?
So the goat said, "I have come here to drink water and this water is the most delicious water till date, come see you also drink it?" The goat jumped into the well without thinking. After drinking water for a while, the goat thought of going out and saw that she was trapped there. Now the fox said that I will climb on top of you and go out and I will bring someone for help.
The poor gullible goat did not understand the fox's trick and said yes without thinking. Now as soon as the fox came out, he started saying to the goat that, "If you were so intelligent, you would never have entered the well without understanding and not like this, and the fox went away saying this." Moral Education: Think before taking any decision. Don't take any decision without thinking.


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